<html> <head> <title>The Death of William B. Pitzer</title> </head> <body> <P> <FONT FACE="helvetica, arial, geneva"> <body background=Photo02f.jpg bgproperties="FIXED"> <CENTER> <TABLE><TR><TD><CENTER><A HREF="http://www.manuscriptservice.com/ DarkCorners"><IMG SRC="Flshbtn02a.jpg" WIDTH=76 BORDER=0></A><BR><FONT SIZE="-3">Dark Corners Menu</CENTER></TD> <TD><CENTER><FONT SIZE="-1">Page restructured<BR> 14 December, 2005</CENTER></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P><CENTER> <IMG SRC="blueline.jpg" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=3> <P> Was Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer murdered because of his role<BR> in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy? <P> <IMG SRC="blueline.jpg" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=3> <P> <BR> <FONT SIZE="+2"><B>The Untimely Death of<BR> William Bruce Pitzer, US Navy</B></FONT></FONT> <TABLE CELLPADDING=25> <CENTER> <TD><FONT SIZE="+1">On the evening of Saturday 29 October 1966, <BR>Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer was <BR>found dead at his duty station at the Naval <BR>Medical School, Bethesda, MD. Six hours later, <BR>an urgent teletype went from the FBI's Baltimore <BR>field office to HQ; it would be read at the <BR>highest levels of the FBI.</FONT></TD></CENTER> <TD><center> <IMG SRC="wbpvignette.gif" BORDER=4><BR> </center> </TD> </Table> </CENTER> <CENTER><IMG SRC="Fbiwire1a.jpg" WIDTH=670 HEIGHT=500 BORDER=1 alt="FBI teletype sent early hours of 30OCT66 from Baltimore to HQ"></CENTER> <TABLE CELLPADDING=25> <TD><FONT SIZE="+1">Investigations by the Naval Investigative Service and the FBI later concluded that a gunshot wound to the head had been self-inflicted. <P> FBI files on the investigation, released in 1997 under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed anomalies, especially when compared to one of the navy's investigative reports. <P> <BR> <FONT SIZE ="+2"><CENTER>The evidence indicating that LCDR Pitzer was murdered<br> is considered point by point, then reconsidered. <P>Judge for yourself. Was William Pitzer murdered?</CENTER></FONT> </TD></TABLE> <TABLE CELLPADDING=25 ALIGN=TOP> <TD><FONT FACE="helvetica, arial, geneva"><B>I. THE CASE FOR HOMICIDE:</B> <A HREF="homicide.html">here</A></FONT> <P> <FONT FACE="helvetica, arial, geneva"><B>II. THE CASE FOR HOMICIDE <I>RECONSIDERED</I>:</B> <A HREF="homrecon.html">here</A></FONT> <BR>(This article includes descriptions of an attempt to verify that LCDR Pitzer had in his possession a copy of a movie film of the JFK autopsy, of a search of the Pitzer residence and of a final attempt to obtain copies -- by FOIA request -- of the Pitzer autopsy photographs for expert scrutiny.) <P> <FONT FACE="helvetica, arial, geneva"><B>III. ONE MAN'S OPINION:</B> <A HREF="opinion.html">here</A></FONT> <P> <FONT FACE="helvetica, arial, geneva"><B>IV. THE UNTIMELY DEATH OF LCDR WILLIAM B. PITZER -- <BR>FORENSIC EXPERTS EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE:</B> <A HREF="http://www.manuscriptservice.com/WBP-Resolution/">here</A> </FONT> <BR>(Article published March 2009 after obtaining the autopsy photographs.) </TD> </TABLE> <CENTER><IMG SRC="blueline.jpg" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=3> <P> Comment? Question? Suggestion?<BR> Information? <P> Please share with<BR> Allan Eaglesham<P> 607-257-1212 &nbsp; fax-257-2929<BR> <A HREF="mailto:aeaglesh@twcny.rr.com">aeaglesh@twcny.rr.com</A> <P> <BR> <A HREF="http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DarkCorners"><IMG SRC="Flshbtn02a.jpg" WIDTH=76 BORDER=0></A><BR><FONT SIZE="-3">Dark Corners Menu</FONT> <P> <IMG SRC="blueline.jpg" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=3> <P><BR> <IMG SRC="Thistle2.gif"> </CENTER> </body> </html>