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Launched: September 21, 2005
Updated: June 18, 2009

by James Richards

Alfredo Duran / Rip Robertson / John O'Hare / Torres Associate / Danny Arce / Boris Pash

Alfredo Duran was a member of Brigade 2506, the CIA invasion force that landed at the Bay of Pigs. After returning to the United States, Duran became the president of the Veterans' Association of Brigade 2506. However, he was expelled from this group in 1993 for his willingness to travel to Cuba and to discuss the invasion with Fidel Castro. He then established the Cuban Committee for Democracy. In 2001, he travelled to the scene of the brigade invasion with Arthur Schlesinger, CIA man Bob Reynolds, Jean Kennedy Smith and Richard Goodwin.

It was during the late summer of 1963 when Alfredo Duran was involved in a propaganda broadcast mission out of Miami. His associates at this time were Bernardo De Torres, William Seymour, Ed Collins, Dennis Harber and Isidro Borja.

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Positioned at the Corner of Main and Houston streets, observing events unfold in Dealey Plaza, were two interesting individuals. These men were caught in a photograph as they watched the presidential limousine cruise past. After the shooting, they were again photographed as they made their way across the grassy infield area towards the grassy knoll, where many of the spectators had run.

William 'Rip' Robertson served in the Marines during WW2 before joining the CIA. He was heavily involved in the overthrow of the Guatemalan government led by Jacob Arbenz, and commanded the ship Barbara J during the Bay of Pigs invasion. In the summer of 1963, Robertson was the CIA officer present on the Eddie Bayo, William Pawley led mission into Cuba known as Operation Tilt. Robertson was also on staff at JM/WAVE headquarters in Miami. Close associates of Robertson's were John Roselli and David Morales.

John Adrian O'Hare is a mysterious character whose true alliances remain somewhat of a mystery. He was military intelligence aide to Douglas MacArthur's army intelligence team during the Korean War. O'Hare also served under Charles Willoughby. He was involved with the original planning and training of Operation 40 personnel and was closely connected to several Cuban militants including Rolando Masferrer. Other names used by O'Hare included Col. William Bishop, Col. Richard Gray, P. Harrison and Oscar del Valle Garcia.

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The name of this man in not known. He was an associate of Bernardo De Torres and present at the parade of the Antonio Maceo Battalion that was held in Miami in mid-September of 1963. Also attending that event was anti-Castro fighter and Interpen member Edwin Collins and many Cuban exiles who were a part of Brigade 2506, including Edgardo Buttari Puig, Jamie Varela Canosa and Luis Arrizurieta Sardinas. The photograph in Dealey Plaza was snapped by Jim Murray about 9 minutes after the shooting. Also present in Murray's photo is the man bearing a striking similarity to Alfredo Duran (shown above).
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Danny Arce was a young employee of the Texas School Book Depository. Not a great deal in known of his background, but after the assassination, he and Bonnie Ray Williams were taken in for questioning by the Dallas Police Department. Arce claimed that during the assassination, he was positioned near the Elm Street extension that runs between the Texas School Book Depository and Elm Street proper. A man who resembled Arce was standing in front of the Dal-Tex building on Houston Street. Was he speaking into a radio device?

The other individual is unknown, but his similarity to the man who trained with the Interpen group at No Name Key is striking.

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Boris Pash is relatively unknown in the wider community, but his status amongst the multitude of intelligence divisions is legendary. He was a security officer for the Manhattan Project and a leader of the ALSOS mission which was tasked to monitor the progress of nuclear weapons, to secure atomic material and to capture scientists working on the Nazi atomic project.

Post-WW2, Pash served in various military intelligence positions; from 1948 to 1951, he was the military representative to the CIA.

One of the creatures created by the CIA was a unit called the Health Alteration Committee, which was directed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Boris Pash. This group conducted experiments with mind-altering drugs, lethal viruses and exotic poisons that could kill without detection.

In an interview with the New York Times in 1975, E. Howard Hunt claimed that the head of the CIA assassination unit was Boris Pash.

Added by Allan Eaglesham, June 18, 2009:
John Bevilaqua contacted me to suggest that "Unknown Man" above was Yaroslaw Stetzko, who was aged 52 on 11/22/63.
Stetzko's age in the photograph below is unknown.

Added by Allan Eaglesham, March 23, 2013:
Bernice Moore informed me that it has been suggested that "Unknown Man" above was Secret Service Agent Forrest Sorrels. See here.

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