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Final Print Issue
November 22, 2013


This will be the last "paper" JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly, as I have noted for several issues. It simply is too much work and too much financial loss four times a year. Elsewhere, a plea was made in order to continue matters as an e-journal.

But there certainly have been memories, and there are certainly some thank-yous to be shared.

Getting it all started up back in 1995--seemingly a lifetime ago--was a fond memory, and I'm indebted to Jan Stevens, co-editor for the first 12 issues, as well as to the initial and small group of subscribers.

It needs immediately to be added that probably half of those original subscribers will read these words, and that is almost beyond belief. That is a memory and a thank you.

Many memories were generated as news items entered into the mainstream of research, and I'm certainly thankful to a small group of people--and you know who you are--who somehow found the time to forward me all manner of JFK-related material.

I will also never forget the very kind, gracious, and thoughtful comments that many of you sent at renewal time, as well as the loyalty shown when the CD index, The Guns of Texas, and the original Chronology became available in 2008. (I'll look for them on ebay.)

Just as meeting subscribers at the recent Wecht Conference made for many pleasant moments, meeting many of you over the years has always been pleasant. Looking at the current subscriber list, I feel I've met half of you, but it's the half I never met that is sad part.

One inherent challenge is prioritizing thank-you's, so let's use the traditional movie industry cop-out and do things alphabetically. I'm more than indebted to Allan Eaglesham, for his constant attention to detail on the JFK/DPQ website, and I'll be in touch with him, depending on the future of the publication.

Dale Halpin, Casper's newest best friend, always pitched in at the counter-conferences and encouraged readership in upstate New York.

Alphabet-wise, Jay Harrison would be next, but the reader has to know that there will always be a special place in memory for him. The Chronology was for his efforts, in my words.

Bill Kelly, although not always a subscriber, has done tremendous work in disseminating information, and I was glad to be on his list.

Brian Rooney performed yeoman work in constantly chronicling news and obits, and for his willingness to be a sounding board for ideas. I introduced Brian to Dr. Wecht out in Pittsburgh as the most knowledgeable person who would not be on stage, and it was not a gratuitous comment. Brian knows his stuff, period.

Ed Sherry ("Treefrog") and Ed Tatro also disseminated information widely; we are much richer for their efforts. Some of the commentaries--and they knew--were "wingnut" in nature, but it's difficult to recognize good information until you have a good idea of what serious crap looks like.

And, of course, Jan Stevens. I feel certain he is still among the best read in both JFK lore and the Bible.

People who occasionally donated either a few extra bucks or a windfall were truly a blessing, because without them, you would have read this paragraph several years ago. A lot "of us" aged, and many could not keep up the subscription costs. Those folks got the journal regardless. It's what family does...

Nineteen years; 73 issues; two wives; one divorce; one annulment; more than a dozen trips to Texas; more conferences than I can count; and, most importantly, so many friendships that I pray will remain friendships; please keep in touch, for JFK or to alert me to good news in the family or the workplace.

And, of course, Gulliver (1984-1999),Tommy (1998-2010, and Casper (2010- ) They were/are all Samoyed boys, and they all howled at the moon when anyone mentioned a book called Case Closed.

I guess they were just not fond of fiction...

From here, I don't know what to add, except that I hope I have been of help to one and all in this murder maze, and as long as I have memory, you will all be part of it.

Despite my "retirement," I'll debate any lone-assassin scribe or any wingnut (with one exception) anywhere, any time...

God Bless, and May the Road Rise to Meet You.

Walt and Casper...


Walt's long-awaited Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
was published on June 10, 2013, the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's American University speech.

Almost eight years in preparation, the CD-Rom features four chronological "books," fifteen appendices, a lengthy bibliography, and an annotated Index that itself is over 2,000 pages.

In all, the work amounts to almost 32,000 pages.

Book I: Dynasty, covers the Kennedy family from 1823 to November 21, 1963.

Book II: Death, traces events of November 22-24, 1963.

Book III: Disappointment, demonstrates the intentional ineptitude of the "official investigation," which was pre-scripted.

Book IV: Discovery, traces the many successful paths toward truth created by independent researchers from late 1964 to May 29, 2013, which would have been JFK's 96th birthday.

The fifteen appendices include all of JFK's major public addresses, a comparison of varying testimony of Marina Oswald, all related medical testimony, a separate entity for the U-2 incident, which was the military bookend before JFK's term, along with groupings of testimony of eyewitnesses, motorcade individuals, organized crime figures, Cuban-related individuals, and Jack Ruby-related individuals.

There is also an Assassinations Parables, noting dozens of famous past assassinations, and concluding that the vast majority were conspiracies, with the victim averaging an age of mid-40s, and the cited assassins about half that age. Sound familiar?

Brown also included a lengthy memoir of his own journey from November 22, 1963, to the publication date, with anecdotal material on the JFK research community and such governmental interference as would be predictable. Several readers of advance copies have told Brown that Appendix IV, his "journey" should stand alone as a book.

But almost 32,000 pages? How does one read that much?

You choose from among what was cited above as a 19-part menu, and pursue the area of greatest interest.

Excepting JFK's speeches, the entire remainder of the work is heavily annotated with insightful analysis, and, knowing the author, wit and sarcasm to suit the necessary moments.

Put another way: it's entertaining.

You don't have to ever worry about putting it down! It will always come back up on your screen.

It was intended to be the dividing line between the first fifty years of work and study on the assassination, and the next generation of work, and it is not to be missed.

Details are available through the author, at or by telephone; Walt Brown, Hillsdale, NJ, is in the phone book.

An auction of JFK memorabilia, in some cases one-of-a-kind pieces, is also part of the effort to get 1,000 copies of the Chronology into major city and university libraries all over the English-speaking world. Those details available as noted above.

By a week from reading this, you could be down to only 31,000 pages to go. What are you waiting for?

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The BOOK REVIEWS currently feature:
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Dangerous Knowledge by Art Simon
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Although my eyesight is gradually improving since round-the-clock Chronology work, I still have difficulty getting more than ten pages read at one time, and, accordingly, I'm making my JFK library , withss a few exceptions, available for purchase.

I have put a number of JFK titles on, and you can see what is there by accessing the storefront of "Dr. Walt Brown." Most of what you will find there are signed copies or hard-to-find works. (And my stuff...)

That still leaves about 600 books at home, and if there are JFK titles that you want or need, write or call adn we'll see what is available, and what can be exchanged at a reasonable cost. I've sold some things recently to help amortize the massive cost of the Chronology, but they are items that I can survive without, and items that I believe someone else would want to own more than I wanted to own them.

If you are looking for JFK titles, be in touch. If they are rare or really hard to find, check my account. Thanks...

And of course...

Treachery in Dallas $24 (six left)
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Add 10% to cover postage.

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Walt Brown PhD

In memory of

July 1, 1998 - July 27, 2010

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